Conectividad para redes fibra óptica
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Conector mt-rj/upc sm std dÚplex 3mm:

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conector mt-rj/upc sm std dÚplex 3mm:
technical parameters:
connector: conector mt-rj/upc sm std dÚplex 3mm:
code: conecmtpcs3t
hoja dorc: hojadorcmtrj
ready for: sm
maximun diameter admitted: 1.6mm.- 2mm.-3mm.
ferrules qty.: 2
ferule type: mtrj singlemode
gender changeable: none
gender changeable: —
pin provided: yes (parallel by default)
polarity change: (flat)
housing material – flame rating: composite – lszh/frnc
ferule material: thermoplastic
ferule holes: 2 (two) — duplex connector
spring load – tensile strength: 5n – 70n
housing color: black
boot color: black
boot type: original mtrj desgn
il value typical – max: 0.08 / 0.15 (db)
rl value typical – max: 45

geometrical parameters:
radious of curvaturex min: 2000
radious of curvaturex max: inf
radious of curvaturey min: 5
radious of curvaturey max: 0.2
angle x min: inf
angle x max: -0.2
angle y min: -0.2
angle y max: 0.2
roughnessra / roughnessrq: min.: 0 / 0
roughnessra / roughnessrq max.: 20 / 20
coplanarity min.: 0
coplanarity max.: 400
datafill min.: 60
datafill max.: 100
flat deviation min.: -800
flat deviation max.: 800
fiber height min.: 3500
fiber height max.: 1000
dh ave / dh adj : -300 / 300
core dip min.: -300
core dip max.: 300
fiber optic roughnessra roughnessrq min.: 0 / 0
fiber optic roughnessra roughnessrq max.: 20 / 20
tiltx -tilty min.:-0.2
tiltx -tilty max.:0.2