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Cletop replacement cartridge blue – 14110700

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cletop replacement cartridge blue – 14110700
cletop?s cleaning cartridge?s compact size (5? x 2.8? x 1.5?) and lint-free, solvent-free cleaning tape permits the thorough removal of dust, dirt, oil and grease without scratches.
this easy to replace ?drop in? tape cartridge rather than the reel on the original cletop, is ideal for use in the field with installable connectorization applications. cleans 400 connectors per cartridge. for use with sc, fc, st, e2000, lc and mu type connectors
cletop fibre optic connector cleaners are far more effective than using solvents and wipes. solvents and wipes simply move the debris around the connector and also leave a residue. this also means that your engineer?s do not have to carry flammable liquids.
ntt-at?s cletop fibre optic connector cleaners provide the perfect solution to clean contaminants, use microfiber cleaning cloth which is soft and will not easily scratch yet effectively absorbs dust and residue. from skin oil residue to dust, there are many kinds of contaminants.