Conectividad para redes fibra óptica
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Aoc sfp+(25g) to sfp+(25g) x005mt.

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aoc sfp+(25g) to sfp+(25g) x005mt.
tha adecomm active optical cable aoc sfp+(25g) to sfp+(25g) is supported by active circuits, which have a longer transmission distance than passive or active sfp28 copper cables. it is specially designed for high-speed, short-range data links via optical fiber lines. sfp28 aoc provides signal integrity, longer distance, superior electromagnetic immunity and better bit error rate. it is a cost-effective solution for data center/storage and all short-range data applications.

electrical interface compliant to sff-8431
850nm vcsel laser and pin photo-detector
maximum link length of 70m on om3 mmf and 100m on om4 mmf
digital diagnostics functions are available via the i2c interface
rohs compliant
hot pluggable

25gbase-sr ethernet
infiniband qdr, sdr, ddr
servers, switches, storage and host card adapters