Conectividad para redes fibra óptica
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Aoc sfp+(10g) to sfp+(10g) x010mt.

SKU: AOCS10S10010 Categoría:
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aoc sfp+(10g) to sfp+(10g) x010mt.
*hot pluggable
*bit rate support from 1g to 11.3gbps
*pre-terminated twin axial cable / fiber cable
*operating environment temperature 0 ~ 70?
*low power consumption
*sfp+ housing with enhanced emi shielding
*single 3.3v power supply
*programmable eeprom for serial identification

*10g ethernet
*applicable to 1g ethernet
*8g fiber channel
*applicable to 4g / 2g / 1g fiber channel
*10g fiber channel over ethernet
*1x qdr infiniband
*applicable to 1x ddr / 1x sdr infiniband
*high capacity io with sfp+ interface
*data center and in-rack connection

*sff-8431 sfp+ electrical msa
*sff-8432 sfp+ mechanical msa
*rohs complaint