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Aoc qsfp28(100g) to qsfp28(100g) x003mt.

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aoc qsfp28(100g) to qsfp28(100g) x003mt.
the adecomm aoc qsfp28(100g) to qsfp28(100g) is a high-performance, low-power, long-distance interconnection solution that supports100g.
100g qsfp is a combination of 4 full-duplex channels, each of which can transmit data at a rate of up to 25.78125gb/s, providing an aggregation rate of 100gb/s.

support 100gbase-sr4/edr application
compliant to qsfp28 electrical msa sff-8636
rate of up to 25.78125gbps per channel
+3.3v single power supply
low power consumption
operating case temp commercial: 0° to +70 °
rohs 6 compliant

applications :
100gbase-sr4 at 25.78125gbps per lane
infiniband qdr, edr
servers, switches, storage and host card adapter