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Absorbond (text wipes) 9×9″ (150 units)

SKU: ABS9X9150UNI Categoría:
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absorbond (text wipes) 9×9″ (150 units)
the absorbond (text wipes) 9×9 (150 units) is a cleanroom wiper constructed of a 100% polyester, double-knit, continuous-filament material. while offering an extremely low particle release and fiber levels, these wipers are able to prevent contamination in the most important places within the cleanroom. optimized for general wiping and spill control within critical environments with its high absorbency features.

style: absorbond
brand: itw texwipe
material: 100% polyester, double-knit, continuous-filament
edge type: cut edge
size: 9 x 9
iso class classification: iso 5-8 (class 100 – 100,000)
key features: highly absorbent, low particle release, chemical resistant
packaging: 150 wipers