Connectivity for fiber optic networks
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About the Company

Adecomm was born to meet the demand for fiber optic accesories in Argentina and LATAM, because of the exponential growth in communication networks, constant modernization and a tendency to replace copper networks with fiber optic networks.

Adecomm provides high tech solutions to complement data transmission services, private networks, banks, voice services, videos and landline. Nowadays, for any of these areas, fiber optic networks and all the components that involve its connection are requiered.

Each Adecomm product division is dedicated to cover total customer satisfaction. The innovation and tech achivements are due to effort and teamwork agreement. As a company social engaged, we always are thinking about new products, trying to be pathfinders with new ideas.

Endless Growth

The direct communication with market needs allow us to stay up to trends that generate appropriate products, in order to meet the needs of our customers.

At Adecomm we firmly believe in growth and encouraging inter-company collaboration.