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Cable f.o. mm 50/125µ indoor/outdoor breakout black jacket/uv prot. 08×1.6mm.

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cable f.o. mm 50/125µ indoor/outdoor breakout black jacket/uv prot. 08×1.6mm.
tactical fiber optic cables are designed for harsh
outdoor environments where maximum performance
and reliability is essential. the 900 µm tight buffer
optical fiber cables feature light weight but
exceptionally strong aramid yarn strength members
which gives the cable its superior strength to weight
ratio benefits. the core is protected by a sunlight,
abrasion and cut-through resistant polyurethane
outer jacket. the jacket also provides for a broad
range of environmental operating conditions down to
-55° c. mohawk?s tactical fiber cables are offered in all
grades of multimode and single-mode up to 12 fibers
with a variety of specialty options such as dual
fiberglass armored and many jacket colors.
product features/benefits
? rugged jacket
? small and lightweight
? durable design for repeated deployment
? designed to military standards
? superior level of crush resistance
mechanical & environmental characteristics
? crush resistance (eia-455-41) 440 n/cm
? impact resistance (eia-455-25) 200 impacts w/2.2 n-m
? flexure (eia-455-104) 2000 cycles min.
? min. bend radius long term-no load 8x cable diameter
? min. bend radius short term-load 15x cable diameter
? operating temp. (eia-455-3) -55°c to +85°c
? storage temp. (eia-455-3) -70°c to +85°c
? military communications
? mining and industrial applications
? outdoor sporting, news or other broadcast events
? eng vehicles
? re-deployable audio/video communications